Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Mrs A. Moore                       Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Person & SENCO)

Mrs T. Walker                      Bursar

Ms L. Phillips                       Senior Teacher     Teaches in Class L

                                            (Deputy Safeguarding Person)

Mr J. Midgley                       Class Teacher       Teaches in Class F

Mrs G Lidgard                      Class Teacher        Teaches in Class M

Mrs K. Johnson                   Teaching Assistant in Class F

Mr C. Robinson                   Teaching Assistant in Class F/L

Mrs C. Hughes                    Teaching Assistant in Class M

Mrs L. White                        Teaching Assistant in Class L

Mrs N. File                           Teaching Assistant in Class M

Mrs R. Bontoft                     1:1  Teaching Assistant in Class L

Mrs E. Evison                      Teaching Assistant in Class M

Mrs E. Gair                          1:1 Teaching Assistant Class F


Mrs E. Gair                          Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs A. Gathercole               Mid-day Supervisor

Mrs A. Wright                      Mid-day Supervisor/ Breakfast club

Mrs E. Evison.                     Mid-day Supervisor


Mr R Carter                          Caretaker