Class F

Welcome to Class F

We are a class of 28 students from Years 5 & 6. Our teacher is Mr Midgley and we have various Teaching Assistants on different days: Mrs Johnson, Mr Robinson and Mrs White. 

Our science topic this term is 'Living things and their habitats - classification'

Our topic is based on Ancient Greece

We have PE on Thursdays and Fridays this term. 

Please have your PE kit in school all week as sometimes we swap our PE day over.

We usually have science on a Tuesday.


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Pinewood Derby build and race season finishes in style!

Pinewood Derby

As part of an after-school club, some children from Class F were given a block of pine and asked to make it into a racer by the end of term. Designs were drawn out; wood was shaped (with the bonus of the same number of fingers at the end!); paint was delicately applied; wheels were reduced of their friction; and finally, after weeks in the pits - race day arrived.

Over 16 races, the children's lanes were drawn randomly and points awarded for places. There was also a vote by the whole of class F for the most creative design.


Class F become Ancient Greeks for the day

Class F transported to Ancient Greece!

As part of our topic, Class F had an extremely enjoyable day learning about and becoming Ancient Greeks. The children took part in a play about the famous battles of  Thermopylae, Plataea and the sea battle of Salamis (although our Spartans didn't seem to have the fighting spirit portrayed in the films!).

The rest of the morning was spent digging up replica artifacts and cataloguing the finds ike real archeaologists would.

After a brief lunch, the children went on a guided tour of the museum, dressing up like Athenians or Spartans and learning about the different roles of men and women. They also created their very own battle shield with their own design to scare off potential enemies - such as scorpions and the terrifying smiling, rainbow-coloured lion!!!

An excellent day and well worth a visit over the holidays - The collection


Science Week 2019 - Class F

Class F explored conductors and insulators and came up with logic-defying art made from conductive dough. This was modelled into shapes of the children's choosing with a gap down the middle - bridged by LEDs to show the circuit was sound.


We then went on to investigate what people ate in times gone by. Becoming archaeologists, we discussed how we find out about the past and concluded that examining 'Poo' would be an excellent (if not revolting) way to discover the diets of ancient people. 


Science - Circulatory Systems

As part of our studies of teh circulatory systems, the children were given the option of making cardboard hearts and lungs to show relative sizes, shapes and positions.


5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!

5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!

As part of our Space topic, Class F have been desining and making model rockets. The design was to encompass the different stages of the rockets and it had to seperate. The children's cutting skills and glueing accuracy was tested to their limit (as was the strength of the vacuum at clean-up time!)

The results are super however and worth all the chaos and mess.


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